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 Four Jammy Biscuits Saved My Life Today
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Both volumes achieve HIGHEST RATING by independent voluntary reviews at OnlineBookClub.org

"Congratulations! Most books we review do NOT get a 4/4 rating. You should truly feel proud."

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"Kenton often employs words that are unlikely to be found in a respectable dictionary, but his language is suitable
for his arguments. And I have to say Adrian Kenton is a brilliant writer."

"Controversial, angry and sometimes a little chaotic, but eventually i liked it."

"His figurative language is outstanding, made me laugh at first, then think and reflect."

"I do agree that 'the book should disturb us all as it is about endemic abuse that needs to stop...' (in Mental Health)
'...before the next person encounters it and that could be anyone.'"

"Congratulations to Adrian Kenton for such a wonderful book. The topic itself could be quite hard to observe
and difficult to read, but nonetheless it still exists as a great book in itself."

"I like books that make me change my mind... It does take a really good book to change your mind
from a negative to a positive. Glad it worked out so well with this one."


"Extremely intense account of the heartache and grief one goes through with depression, suicidal thoughts
and invisible illnesses that consume and corrupt even the most successful and normal of lives."

"If you happen to suffer from the numerous disorders or issues Kenton brings to light. He addresses each topic
with empathy, realism and even contempt but also explains why it is important to be so frank and coarse when discussing unpleasant and upsetting content."

"He sheds light into how the depressed individual is isolated and shunned because the concept of depression is
scary for those who don’t take the time to understand it."

"This book covers any and all topics considered taboo by societal standards while encouraging readers to face
reality and accept that negativity does exist."

"The tone of this book is very aggressive yet filled with compassionate undertones towards the people who
could easily be the examples provided in this book."

"Provided a perspective and published account of reality that I respect and appreciate."

"Kenton's approach to the world is a guarded yet productive stance. He is ready to take on the role of a leader
and stick up for those who have experienced both physical and mental trauma within their life."

"Puts the reader on the edge of their seat."

"Be prepared for heartbreaking and gut wrenching account of exactly what it feels like to live with a
destructive mind."