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"Shoe ... hand ... 'nother shoe ... 'nother hand ... same shoe again... Oh ... there's somebody over there with a dog... must be somebody. But are they? To whom? Are they somebody just because they are? Are they to me? What about to themselves? Or are they only somebody to... well, someone else? Of more and more people to more and more people, it would be said - when asked  'who's that?' - the reply would come, 'oh, nobody.'

"Altogether too many bodies keeping busybodies busy. So some somebodies sit down somewhere and design systems, beliefs, prejudices and strategies to treat some bodies as insignificant, invisible, non-existent, as nobodies so busybodies can be even busier thinkng they are somebody. If you think, you must be; so... best not to in this age of conformity, or you will upset some somebodies. So what do you have to do to be a somebody? Its now a popular belief that if you can fight it out, to beat them by fighting your self and all your natural inclinations, you might just become another one in the existing myriads of somebodies. The thinking is, everybody can - no, is entitled to - be somebody.

"But what constitutes a somebody? If you feel like, or are made to feel like, a nobody, what are the contributing factors and if you walk your dog, does that make you a somebody to somebody, even total strangers? To whom? And what are you to yourself? Are you one thing or many and which to whom? Is self-obsession mandatory? To combat this feeling, more nobodies just act as if they are somebody and other nobodies, even if they are somebodies, better get out of their way. Indeed, how can you live as a nobody? Is it possible? Are there any benefits? Would you want to be a nobody? Or should you get a dog?"

Some people eradicate all others from their consciousness to selfishly lose themselves and others just sell fish. Is there any benefit in that? And does losing it, becoming a nobody, actually help figure out where the bloody hell... if anywhere, and what the bloody hell... if anything, your self is? Adrian Kenton uses both his feet to embark on another journey of psychological discovery about self but paradoxically not self-discovery. "Leave me well out of this one. Losing it once was enough."


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