(how to NOT kill yourself) - by Adrian Kenton
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 Four Jammy Biscuits Saved My Life Today
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"Stood there, naked in my bathroom, ready for the final time to step into the clear warm water with a razor blade in my hand, I asked myself, 'is there nothing left, nothing at all, that I want?' … No ... Nothing, was the answer.

"Em… ehh… that’s weird… actually, there was something else… ehh… I could eat a Jammie-dodger biscuit!

"Not killing yourself, when that is all you want in life, is a skill. Not many people are likely to discover this, but they should know about it, just in case."


From age six to thirty-five, Adrian Kenton’s history of abuse from his sister, mother and wife draws him to certain conclusions. Not least of his problems is how to live when all reasons for doing so are obliterated and mind, body and soul are intent on self-destruction.
    A brutally candid account of isolated mentality at work under horrendous pressures. Just one experience that challenges the philosophical precepts underlying mental health treatment in the UK; exposing counter-productive strategies and stigmatising attitudes within  health care and the wider society. It considers the predominant mental ‘health’ of an entire nation impacted by the harshest financial crisis, and its implications for the sanity of a disenfranchised global community.
    This book is for anyone afraid of the dark and for those left in it. The antidote? Biscuits.

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